UNREAL Mobile cellular service - 2018 Review

Unlimited talk, text, and data starting at $10 per month.
Chose between AT&T or Sprint service.

UNREAL Mobile Special Offers & Deals
updated: October 8, 2018

Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data (1GB LTE data) for $10/month
(unlimited talk & text, plus 1GB LTE data and unlimited 2G data)

AT&T Service Deals

HOT! Penny Sale! Order the Unreal GSM sim for $0.01
(includes free shipping)
(includes a free 14 day trial of the $30/mo 5GB plan, or you can switch to $10/mo or any plan)

Order a GSM SIM to use in your own phone for $0.99
(includes free shipping)
(includes a free 14 day trial of the $30/mo 5GB plan, or you can switch to $10/mo or any plan)

Buy a GSM HotSpot for $9.99
(includes free shipping)
(includes a free 14 day trial of the $30/mo 5GB plan, or you can switch to $10/mo or any plan)

SPRINT Service Deals

Bring Your Own (Sprint) Phone for a Penny
(activate your own Sprint-capable phone for only a penny)
(includes a free 14 day trial of the $30/mo 5GB plan, or you can switch to $10/mo or any plan)

LATEST UPDATE: Oct 10, 2018
My Experience with the UNREAL Mobile GSM (AT&T) sim (so far...)

I'm actually still happy with my FreedomPop LTE sims and have enough free monthly data for my needs, but nonetheless, I've decided to order an UNREAL Mobile sim to try out the service and see how it works, and I may then give the Unreal 1GB/month sim to my teenage son who would love to have some cellular data (he's on a Republic Wireless talk/text only no data plan right now). Anyway, I've ordered the Unreal Mobile sim today for a penny, and I'll update this page when I get the sim and test it, and learn more...
 10/2/18 Ordering notes:
 * Starting today, you can order the Unreal Mobile GSM sim for a penny with free shipping.
 * The ordering process is the same as with FreedomPop.
 * First, you will need to enter your email address, zip code, and street address (you can leave the phone number blank). Use your real email address, since your order confirmation, account details, and account password will go to that email address, and you will need the password to log into your account.
 * Note that by ordering the sim, you will get a free 14 day trial, which starts 7 days after your sim ships. After the 14 day free trial, you will be billed for the $30/month 5GB plan. You can switch to the cheaper $10 plan before then, which is what I intend to do.
 * When you place your order, you may see two charges on your card. The first is for a penny ($0.01) for the sim. There may be a second "charge" for $30. Don't panic! This is just an authorization, and will remain pending for a few days until it drops off. Unreal is just making sure your credit card is valid to be charged $30 after your 14 day free trial is over, unless you switch to the $10 plan, or cancel the service if you decide you don't like it. (next day update - The $30 pending charge is now gone, as expected. It is only a temporary authorization.)
 * After you've ordered the sim and picked a phone number, you will get an offer for a SECOND SIM for another penny. I would skip this offer, unless you really want a second sim, which will also have a monthly paid plan attached. Don't get confused and buy the second sim unless you really want it, and you are willing to also pay for a second monthly plan.
 * I placed my order this morning (Tuesday, Oct 2) around 9am PST, and then logged in and checked my account this afternoon and saw a message as of around 3pm informing me that my sim has shipped. So in my case, my sim that I ordered in the morning shipped on the same day. I am guessing that it is coming USPS First Class mail (no tracking number).
 * I checked my account's billing section after seeing that my sim had shipped, and see that my first monthly cycle will be charged on October 23, which is in 21 days as stated in the offer terms (7 days after shipping plus the 14 day trial). And as I already stated, I will switch to the $10 plan before then.
 * My impression so far... ordering is easy. All you pay is a penny. The future pricing is very straightforward. Although the default plan is $30/month, its easy to change it to the $10/month plan. Everything is included, including voicemail and data rollover. There is no automatic "auto top up" to worry about. When your fast LTE data runs out, you get unlimited slow 2G data, although if you want to or need to, you can add (buy) extra data for the month, or just change to a monthly plan with more data.
 * I also noticed there is an option to move a FreedomPop phone number to Unreal, which might be useful to some FreedomPop users. I might try the process (it's free) with an old unused FreedomPop Global sim number that I have just to see how it works. It's listed under [Devices] and is called [Migrate FreedomPop Number].
 * I will post further updates and observations when I receive my new Unreal sim...

I ordered an UNREAL GSM "penny" sim on October 2. I will post further updates and observations after I receive it...

10/5/18 UNREAL GSM sim card received:
 * I received my new Unreal GSM sim card in the mail today that I ordered three days ago. It came in the mail. It was sent in a regular white envelope with a USPS First Class postage label on it. It shipped from Poway, California.
 * I opened up the Unreal sim kit, popped out the sim, and stuck it in my ZTE ZMAX 2 (an unlocked AT&T prepaid phone). I changed the APN setting to unreal.com.attz". Cellular data then worked, with a strong AT&T signal, as expected.
 * Next I installed the UNREAL Mobile app from the Google PlayStore. When I first tried to install the app, I got an error message saying "Can't install app (Error code: 505)" I remembered reading that if you have the FreedomPop app on your phone, you need to uninstall it first, so I uninstalled my FreedomPop app, and the Unreal app installed just fine.
 * I then proceeded to turn off my wifi so I was on Unreal cellular data, and made a few test calls. The calls worked and the quality was fine. I then sent and received a couple of SMS texts and MMS text, all of which worked. I then went back on wifi, and made more test calls and sent more texts. Everything works fine, as expected.
 * I like the Unreal app better than the FreedomPop app. It's clean and easy to understand. I'll post some screenshot as I get time.
 * I intend to use the Unreal sim in my ZTE ZMAX 2 for a few days, then I'll switch to a different phone, and then I'll have my son use it for a while in his BLU R1 HD phone.
 * At this point, the Unreal GSM sim is performing as expected, and the Unreal app seems even better than expected. If you're willing to spend $10 per month and you know you have good AT&T coverage in your area, the Unreal GSM sim seems like a great way to go. And you can try it for 21 days for a penny.

The UNREAL GSM sim kit ships with the free shipping option via USPS First Class mail (no tracking number) from Poway, California, and should arrive 3-5 business days after you order. Your free trial period lasts 21 days beginning when your sim gets shipped (7 days for shipping in transit plus a 14 day trial). This means you will be billed for your first month of service 21 days after your sim ships. You can confirm this on your Unreal account under the billing section. You can downgrade from the $30/month trial plan to the $10/month plan at any time, but you need to do it before your 21 days are up or you will be billed $30.

10/8/18 update:
 * I've been using the Unreal GSM sim for three days now. It works, and works well. I've made and received several phone calls, including talking to my father for over an hour while I walked around the neighborhood. The call quality is good, and often is even landline quality (we have good AT&T LTE data coverage here). I've also sent and received numerous SMS and MMS texts. I like the Unreal app.
 * Speedtest.net results: I ran a SpeedTest yesterday and got the following: [10.1 MBPS download, 2.95 MBPS upload]. I just ran another SpeedTest now and see: [10.6 MBPS download, 2.90 MBPS upload]. The AT&T LTE data is plenty fast.
 * Transferring over ("migrating") a FreedomPop phone number to Unreal is amazingly easy! I noticed a setting to "Migrate FreedomPop Number" so I decided to try it to see how well it works. I transferred (ported?) over a FreedomPop Global sim phone number that I like better than the phone number I got when I signed up with Unreal. The transfer process was simple and instant. First I logged into my Unreal account and went to ""Migrate FreedomPop Number" under DEVICES. It asked for my FreedomPop phone number and a pin number. I had to log into my FreedomPop account and get the pin number, which required going to "my.freedompop.com/settings/port-out-info" and generating a new pin number (tip: enter a 4 digit number and click the green check mark, and the system will update all the info with a new pin number). Once I entered my FP number and port pin on my Unreal account and clicked transfer, it did it in about two seconds. I got a message telling me "Transfer Status Congratulations! Your FreedomPop number has been transferred to your UNREAL account", and also informing me that I would need to re-sync my Unreal account. Sure enough, I opened the Unreal app on my phone, and got a message saying "Phone Number Changed. Your phone number is no longer valid. Please sync your account data." I clicked "Sync Account" and my number was updated to my old FreedomPop Global sim number. So now my global sim number is on my Unreal account, and there is no number on that Global sim account (which I then closed). I was frankly surprised at how easy it was to do. Two thumbs up to Unreal on the process!

The UNREAL GSM sim card kit is a 3-in-1 card (or "3 cut" card), meaning you can pop out a full size sim, a micro size sim (shown above), or a mini size sim.

10/10/18 update:
 * I put the UNREAL sim in a spare BLU R1 HD phone that I have, and set the APN to "unreal.com.attz" and installed the Unreal app from the Google Play Store. I then asked my teenage son if he'd like to test it out for a while, which means he will now have cellular data (and lots of it during the rest of the 14 day trial) for checking snapchat and other things. He jumped at the chance and has been using the phone and sim for the past two days. It is working fine. His first comment when he called me on the phone was that he was surprised how clear the call was (his own phone is an old Moto G (1st gen) with Sprint talk and text only, no data). Anyway, the Unreal GSM sim continues to work just fine, as expected.

The UNREAL Mobile app works well. The bar at the top of the app has five icons/buttons: (1) home (2) texting (3) calling (4) contacts (5) voicemail. The homepage shows you how much data you've used, when your next payment is due, and has links for your different account tabs.



UNREAL MOBILE in a nutshell:
 UNREAL Mobile is a new spin-off of FreedomPop. UNREAL offers Sprint-based service or AT&T-based service. The monthly pricing is simple and inexpensive, and there are no hidden charges or "gotcha" fees. For $10 per month, you get unlimited talk and text, 1GB of high-speed LTE data, and if the LTE data is used up, you have unlimited slow but fairly usable 2G data. There is no tax, and unlike FreedomPop, all of the "extras" are included, including voicemail and data roll-over. After 3 months of service, you get a 10% added to your high speed data amount every month as a loyalty bonus. The difference between the Sprint-based service and the AT&T based service is that the Sprint-based service has a "real" phone number and you can use your phone's native dialer, but for the AT&T based service, the phone number is a voip number and you need to use the Unreal app to make calls.

The great thing about Unreal is that the monthly pricing is simple and cheap.
 * For $10 per month, you get unlimited talk & text, plus 1GB of high-speed LTE data and unlimited slow-speed 2G data.
 * For $15 per month, you get unlimited talk & text, plus 2GB of high-speed LTE data and unlimited slow-speed 2G data.
 * For $20 per month, you get unlimited talk & text, plus 3GB of high-speed LTE data and unlimited slow-speed 2G data.
 * For $30 per month, you get unlimited talk & text, plus 5GB of high-speed LTE data and unlimited slow-speed 2G data.
 * There is NO TAX on any of the monthly plans.
 * Data rollover is included for free (up to 500mb of unused LTE data per month).
 * Customer Loyalty 10% Bonus: After 3 months, you will automatically get 10% more LTE data each month.
 * You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time if you want more or less data.
.* If you use all of your high-speed LTE data, you still have unlimited slower 2G data.
 * UNREAL has a 30 day money back guarantee.
 * With Unreal, there are NO overage charges and you never run out of data (although it will be slow 2G data if you use up your fast LTE data).

UNREAL MOBILE on the Sprint (CDMA) network:
 * Service and coverage is provided on the Sprint network.
 * For Unreal Sprint service, you will need to purchase a phone from Unreal, or provide your own unlocked Sprint-capable phone (with a Sprint sim in it) and then sign your phone up with Unreal.
 * Talk & text is via a "real" cellular phone number and uses your phone's native dialer. You can also use the Unreal app to do wifi calling if you want, but any calls made with your phone's native dialer will be over traditional cellular service.
 * You can purchase a phone from Unreal, or use your own Sprint-capable phone (also referred to as BYOD or Bring Your Own Device).
 * If you want to purchase a phone from Unreal, they currently have a very limited selection of phones.
 * If you want to "bring your own phone", it needs to be Sprint-capable (CDMA), and it can't still be locked to any other Sprint MVNO. You can check if your phone will work on the Unreal Mobile website where you can enter your phone MEID or IMEI in their compatibility checker.

Bring Your Own (Sprint) Phone for only a Penny
(includes a free 14 day trial of the $30/mo 5GB plan, or you can switch to $10/mo or any plan)

Buy a ZTE Prestige (UNREAL / Sprint) phone for $19.99
(note: total is $19.99 + $19.99 activation + $9.99 shipping = $59.97)
(includes a free 14 day trial of the $30/mo 5GB plan, or you can switch to $10/mo or any plan)

Buy a Galaxy S6 (UNREAL / Sprint) phone for $129.99
(note: total is $129.99 + $19.99 activation + $9.99 shipping = $169.97)
(includes a free 14 day trial of the $30/mo 5GB plan, or you can switch to $10/mo or any plan)

UNREAL MOBILE on the AT&T (GSM) network:
 * Service and coverage is provided on the AT&T network.
 * For Unreal AT&T service, all you need to do is purchase an Unreal GSM sim (now on sale for a penny with free shipping) and then put the Unreal GSM sim in any unlocked AT&T or T-Mobile phone. Set the phone APN to get the cellular data, and install the Unreal app for talk/text (or use a Gooogle Voice number with the Hangouts app like I do).
 * Talk & text is via a voip phone number and you must use the UNREAL app to make calls and send texts. The app works for calling and texting on cellular and wifi.
 * You will need to provide your own unlocked GSM phone (i.e. AT&T or TMobile). It must be unlocked, although AT&T prepaid phones work without unlocking.
 * You will need to purchase a GSM sim from Unreal. After you put the sim in your phone, you will need to set your phone's APN to unreal.com.attz , and you will need to install the Unreal app for calling and texting.

Unreal's SPRINT or AT&T Service: Which Is Better?
   If you're going to sign up for Unreal Mobile, you obviously need to decide whether to sign up for their Sprint-based service or their AT&T-based service. I prefer their AT&T (GSM) service, as I'll explain shortly. But here's how I'd recommend that you decide...
  Which coverage is better in your area? Here in Santa Barbara, California, we have good coverage with Sprint and with AT&T. We actually have three phones using Sprint service, and they all work fine. We also have multiple phones using AT&T service (using the FreedomPop LTE GSM sim for free service), and the AT&T coverage is equally good. But if only one service provides decent coverage in your area, that's the service you should use.
   Sprint service is tied to the phone. You'll need to buy a phone from Unreal, or use your own Sprint-capable phone. If it's your own phone, you'll need a Sprint sim card for it. Sprint sim cards are device specific. It's not just the size of the sim card. A Sprint sim card for the Moto G4 may not work for the Moto G6 Play. That said, once you get a Sprint sim card, you can just leave it in the phone and it will work forever, even if you cancel or change providers. But if you want to change phones, you'll have to get the new phone's serial number and get your account updated to use it instead of your existing phone. The benefit for some people of using UNREAL's Sprint service is that the phone number will be a "real" cell phone number, and you can use your phone's native dialer to make calls. That said, you can only call and text when you have a cellular signal. If you want to call or text on wifi, you'll have to use the Unreal app. My main knock again Sprint service is that the service is tied to the phone, and I like having the flexibility of moving my sim card from phone to phone if I want to change phones. You can't do that with Sprint service.
   AT&T service is tied to the sim card. If you get the Unreal GSM sim, you can put it in any unlocked GSM phone (i.e. T-Mobile or AT&T). The sim card will work and you'll have service. You can switch between phones just by moving the sim card. I like that. The "downside" of the AT&T service, for some people, is that the phone number is a "voip" phone number, and you have to use the Unreal app to make calls and send texts. I don't mind this. I've been using a free Google Voice number with the free Google Hangouts app, which is voip, for several years, and it works fine. The benefit of a voip app (Unreal or Hangouts) is that you can make calls and text on cellular data or wifi, and I find the call quality to be just fine (and often better that a "real" cellular phone call). One thing to consider with a "voip" number though is that it may not work with Uber or Lyft, but I don't use those services. I like being able to switch phones, so I prefer the GSM sim. I also don't mind using a voip app, in fact, I find it beneficial to have the app on multiple phones/devices which will also work even without the GSM sim if the additional phones/devices are on wifi. Finally, the great thing about the Unreal GSM sim is that you can get one for $0.99 with free shipping. Stick it in a GSM-capable phone and try it out. You'll have 14 days to test it and see what you think. Change the default paid monthly plan from the $30 plan to the $10 plan, and then pay $10 to try it for a full month. If you like it, keep it and it's a flat $10 per month.

UNREAL Mobile is a spin-off of FreedomPop. Although both companies are owned by the same people, I think there is a HUGE difference between FreedomPop and UNREAL. FreedomPop is a "freemium" provider that offers limited *free* service and then tries to up-sell you with paid services. For example, FreedomPop gives you 200 voice minutes for free, but not voicemail. If you want voicemail, you need to pay for an "add-on" service. And because FreedomPop is sometimes a bit deceptive on the up-selling, they get a lot of bad reviews from people who feel they've been taken advantage of with "unexpected" charges. That said, I've been successfully using FreedomPop for two years and have gotten free service the whole time, and have never gotten any "unexpected" charges. I also know plenty of other people who have successfully used FreedomPop for free service for even longer. But you need to know what you are doing if you use FreedomPop's "free" service, and their terms are regularly changed, which makes keeping my FreedomPop Dummies Guide update very challenging!

UNREAL is refreshingly different from FreedomPop. I just hope Unreal doesn't get too tainted from its association with FreedomPop. I think that FreedomPop is now trying to use its experience to create a new low cost provider company that charges the lowest price possible, but doesn't pretend to offer "free" service. As such, with UNREAL, you pay $10 per month, and you get unlimited talk and text, and voicemail is included free. You also get 1GB of high-speed LTE data, and if that runs out, you get unlimited slower 2G data for the rest of the month. You never run out of data. Whereas FreedomPop would try to charge you for various add-on services, UNREAL includes free voice mail, free data rollover (up to 500mb per month), and several other free features. Plus after 3 months, you will start getting a "loyalty" bonus where they'll add 10% to your data each month (so on the 1GB plan, you'll start getting 1.1GB every month). If you're willing to pay $10 a month (and I don't think you'll find anything else like this that is this cheap), Unreal is a good way to go.

Rating: 5 / 5 by
Last Updated: October 10, 2018

HOT! Penny Sale! Order the Unreal GSM sim for $0.01
(includes free shipping)
(includes a free 14 day trial of the $30/mo 5GB plan, or you can switch to $10/mo or any plan)


Comments / Questions / Feedback:

Comment by Dante on Friday, September 28, 2018
Hi, does the $0.99 SIM come pre-activated like they do on FP, or can I wait to activate it when I need it?

Reply by Steve (Cranial Borborygmus)
Hi Dante, Good question. The Unreal GSM sim activation policy is similar to FreedomPop but not exactly the same.. The sim automatically activates 7 days after its ship date, and then your 14 day trial starts.* So you have 21 days after it ships before you get billed for the first month. In any event, you should wait until you're ready to try the service before you order.
 *From the Unreal $0.99 GSM sim offer terms: "Your UNREAL service will not begin until 7 days after your device ships. Your subscription includes a 14-day(s) free service trial. At the conclusion of your free trial, your service will automatically renew at the provided [monthly] rate found in your shopping [unless you change to a different monthly plan before then]."

Comment by Joel R Hilario on Sunday, October 07, 2018
Thank you so much for your UNREAL Mobile review. This is by far the most clear and detailed instructional and informative review of UNREAL Mobile. I got better understanding from this review of how it works and what to expect than from UNREAL's website and other so called techie/professional reviewers.
I haven't received my two GSM SIM cards for my two Moto 4e which are still under MetroPCS/T-Mobile plan (unlocked). I opted to get new cell#s because I didn't want to go thru the headache of porting which I heard people were having problems with regardless of carriers (I have no emotional attachment to a cellphone#, LOL). So I'm excited to get started and will be re-reading your instruction when I finally get my SIMs. ;)

Reply by Steve (Cranial Borborygmus)
Hi Joel, Thanks for your comment and feedback! I think it's actually a good idea that you didn't port your numbers over (at least yet). Much better to get the Unreal sims and try them out during the 2-3 week free trial period and make sure the service works for you. If it works, then you can decide whether to just stick with the new numbers, or port your existing numbers over, and then also cancel your old service. Feel free to let me know when you get the sims and what you think.


* * * * * * * * * *

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