FreedomPop Friends List 2017 (beta)

Order the FreedomPop LTE Sim Kit for $0.99
(offer includes 2GB bonus data, plus free shipping)

If you add ten or more "FreedomPop Friends" to your FreedomPop sim account, you'll get 500mb of free bonus data every month. Feel free to send Friend Requests to any of the emails below, and you can also submit your email below if you'd like to be added to the list. If you add your email address to the list, as a courtesy to others, please check your account regularly and accept Friend Invites promptly. Similarly, when you send out Friend Invites, its best to send out more than ten, and understand some people may not check their accounts very regularly so it might take a while to hear back from them.


[older email address removed]

In addition, you can send a friend invite to [ fpfriends4u AT ] and I'll accept you as a friend. I will try to check my FP account daily.

If you are new to FreedomPop, I recommend you read my guide, FreedomPop For Dummies, so you know how to downgrade your plan and service, as well as what to expect and how to avoid "accidental" charges.

If you would like your email address added to the list above, please enter it here and click submit. Emails do not post automatically. I will try to review them and add them to the list within 24 hours. I will remove old email address at some point, but if you'd like your email address removed, just enter it and also write "remove". If you have any questions, you can submit a comment below.

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FreedomPop Nationwide (AT&T) LTE GSM Sim Special Offers

Order the FreedomPop LTE Sim Kit for $0.99
(offer includes 2GB bonus data, plus free shipp


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